• Rukshana started drawing and painting like any other child from a very early age. Although she always had her heart set on her Bharatnatyam practice her mother made sure she spent a few hours every week with colors and paints that would help her capture her imagination on paper. Her mother a self taught artist who has won many awards in state level art and craft exhibitions/competitions was her first teacher. She also learnt the basics of watercolor and sketching from the famous artist of Assam Mr Pranab Barua.

    Drawing and Painting found a new meaning in her life about two years ago when she started using the form for therapeutic reason to heal herself. Slowly she allowed herself to break away from the set forms and patterns that she was following all these years and decided to unleash herself to express through paints and the canvas freely. She experimented with different mediums and surfaces. As a part of an experiment she allowed her emotions to choose the surface and medium to create her artworks.

    Rukshana is a trained filmmaker from FTII Pune and storytelling is her passion. She has been working in the Hindi film industry in various capacities since 2007.Her short films and documentaries have travelled to many film festivals across the world.

    Rukshana’s artworks are available on Facebook by the name of The Twirling Girl. Her brand name The Twirling Girl represents the state of freedom and bliss that she found through art. Her last exhibition was at Coomaraswamy Hall Prince of Wales Museum.

    Facebook Page : facebook/thetwirlinggirl

  • Dr. Kanan Khatau Chikhal is a Clinical and Organizational Psychologist/ Counselor & also the Chief Psychologist of Inner Katha Interventions. This unique blend of qualifications enables her to treat different patients in ways that correspond to their specific needs. 

    In addition to her practice she also contributes articles to many popular newspapers like Times Of India, DNA and Hindustan Times to name a few. She has been interviewed on leading TV Channels. She conducts corporate training programs in stress management and mind mapping for success and innovation using theatre and psychology in collaboration with Inner Katha Interventions.

  • Rashmi Bagri , Corporate Trainer & Educator comes with a rich 10+ years of industry experience. Rashmi holds a master in Educational Psychology and Counselling and certified Counselor. Besides this she is also certified in Montessorie education, Instructional Design NLP, Mind Mapping, Transnational Analysis etc, Jolly Phonics etc.

    Rashmi has been associated with IIM, Ahmedabad as an Academic Associate in the Communications Area and has worked as in house trainer with Cognizant Technology Solutions & NTT DATA.

    An independent consultant, now she conducts various soft skills and behavioral workshops for adults & kids.

     The founder of The Curious Mind Learning Solutions, after school enrichment programs she  focuses on English language enhancement and overall personality development of children. One of her flagship programs ” We Create We Learn and We Build is using LEGO bricks. Besides this she conducts various programs & workshops for children.

  • Away from his engineering education and corporate life with multinationals he embarked on a journey to be a part of the creative fraternity. He started his career with performing for live audience through various multilingual stage productions. He gained potent exposure and wisdom through his association with more than 2 dozen stage plays subsequently transforming him into a thinker and writer. When asked about his reason for the aforementioned migration he mentions “For me it has always been about creating magnificent pieces of art through any medium”.

    After acting in several stage and camera oriented productions he recently staged his directorial debut ‘Alexander Vs Chanakya’. The play originally written by him has received extremely positive response from the audience and critics alike. Furthermore, he adds “This play being my first one is extremely close to my heart and I am humbled with its success. However, my mantra is to create more such contents which can further broaden the curriculum of our schools of philosophies”. His ideology was presented to the audience of extended Mumbai suburbs through two shows of his play being staged at Clap Center.

  • Mumbai Theatre Guide ( – an online portal catering to promotions of plays in Mumbai. Founded in 2004 by Bhavik J. Shah and Nitin Sethi, the site is the first online media company to use Internet extensively for the promotion of the different language plays that happen in Mumbai. It is also the only site in India dedicated to promotions of plays. Site offers production houses a platform to reach to the audiences and organizers across the globe. The site offers listing of plays, reviews, interviews with theatre, workshops for aspiring actors. In short we cover listings of more than 2900+ plays & previews of 1500+ plays in English, Hindi, Gujarati & Marathi languages

    Aim of Mumbai Theatre Guide (MTG)

    • Represent the Mumbai theatre industry in the global market.
    • Reach the common man with the much-required information about the performances in      Mumbai.
    • Inform the common man about the happenings in the Mumbai theatre industry.
    • Bridge the gap between the producers and the organizers.
    • Generate business enquiries for the producers and help the industry grow bigger
    • Encourage the promotion of experimental theatre that is avant-garde or thought provoking but which may not necessarily have the backing of publicity and finance.
    • We also hope to make our site user-friendly for academics, students and the theatre buff by providing interesting articles about the theatre in general.
  • Astitva, the existence. is a step towards providing avenues and platform to the young and budding talents. It gives an opportunity to all the people to chisel out the art and capability to perform in front of the audience like you.

    Astitva does not restrict itself to any specific crowd or group of people. It has always been that we have tried to overlook the barriers of any age group and have now organized various events of Theatre and Performing arts.

     Astitva was established in 1997 with an idea of promoting street play competitions and over a period of time with utmost support from eminent firms & Sponsors; has been able to conduct various workshops, seminars, performing art events, Inter Collegiate Drama Competition in Hindi and Marathi languages.

     Astitva is committed by its assurance to the deserving people and thus abiding by the promise keep on conducting various events that would either directly benefit the talents or would provide a scope to develop in implied way.

     Astitva; believes to be a leader of general management and not master of a specialized skill set. Thus you will find us in almost all the activities that are part of a big platter of Performing Arts.

  • CEO and Co-Founder, Mystic Lotus & Dragonflies, Nidhu Satish Kapoor has spent a decade at The Times of India, almost 2 years at Rediffusion – Wunderman (a Direct Marketing Agency) and time with 5 start-ups (like Planet M, CO – The Bowling Company, Palador – a World Cinema organization, Genepath – Genetic Testing and Karmic Oak – wedding planning). She has handled nearly all strategic planning, logistical and operational activities in marketing.

    Be it corporate communication, brand management, event management, business management, retail management, CRM, loyalty programs, call-center program supervision, direct mailing and mobile solutions for brands like Times FM, Times TV, Planet M, Film fare and Femina awards, CO – The Bowling Company, Pond’s, Zoom TV, Times Music, Jet Airways, Castrol, VW, Which? Right Choice (an UK based consumer magazine recently launched in India) she has spent 17 years handling team sizes ranging from 3 to 42! Now she brings her marketing savvy, creativity and intuition to what she calls the company of the future – the heart-centric technology based business. Check out the company website or download mystic lotus to know exactly what she is talking about!

    About Mystic Lotus & Dragonflies

    Mystic Lotus is the only place of its kind in the world where healers and retailers of healing products and services congregate to give you the best possible in alternative, wholistic, complementary medicines! From headaches to heartaches, confusion to colds, from organic to vegan, from mandala stones to money magnet oils and dreamcatchers to mini-temples – we are a one stop destination for everything stressing you out!! If it’s happy, healthy and healing, you will find it here!

  • He has collaborated with several educational experts to build his dream project that addresses the ever-widening gap in the field of education. His vision is to spread “Happiness as a Science” using game based techniques across the globe.

  • Vaibhav is a seasoned mime actor. Recently acted as a lead actor in Anuragh Basu’s popular television show – “Stories by Rabindranath Tagore.”
    Performed in plays with veterans such as the likes of Ila Arun, he also performs and conducts mime workshops pan India.a

  • Zia Is the Originator of Sufi Splendour a sacred and spectacular presentation of dance forms.
    Zia has been Involved in these dances since the past 18 years and actively teaches the dance forms.
    Zia has performed the show Sufi Splendour at several Prestigious events and cultural festivals around country and continues to promote the awareness and appreciation of these ancient sacred dances forms.

    Zia is essentially a solo artist specializing in the fusion of Sufi Whirling and Odissi Recitals. Upon invitations Zia has collaborated with many accomplished artists, musicians, dancers, bringing versatility and creativity weaved into the mystical music, poetry and dances for Sufi Splendour.