Counseling-Mental Health

Name of the Facillitator- Dr. Kanan Khatau Chikhal

Product description: Parents are Role Models for their children. However, in a fast-paced life that we are all living due to extreme competitive pressure and lack of quality time spend between the Parent & Child it becomes mandatory to intervene and help bridge this unexpected gap between the two of them. So, if you are a caring Parent but you need direction you are in the right place for sure. At CLAP, we facilitate in both Aptitude & Psychological Counselling for your child.

Children are unable to express themselves & articulate their feelings clearly. However deep down they have an inner world. At CLAP, we use Expressive Art Therapy, Counselling and Performance Coaching to help children connect with their feelings. This facilitates in nurturing the overall development & healing of a child. This process is about self-discovery and building relationships in the family; moving you toward the family you want to be.

Session Time and Date: By prior appointment only.

Per session fees: INR 2500